WWE Vulgar Guidelines: Rey Mysterio lost his undercover agent

The Watch For An Watch Match between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins took place at The Scare Point out at WWE Vulgar Guidelines. The one manner to rep the match became once to bewitch the opponent’s undercover agent out…actually.Notes written one day of the match:Each males every tried to transfer for every other’s undercover agent in the hole minute. Rollins brought a kendo stick into the match. There became once a substandard looking Falcon Arrow from Rollins to the support of Mysterio on the ring apron, the toughest piece of the ring. After that transfer, Rollins tried to trip at Mysterio’s undercover agent all all over again. Rollins tried to exercise a rebar as a weapon nonetheless Mysterio ducked out of the vogue nonetheless Rollins became once ready to raise as much as him and he went for the undercover agent all all over again and then he drove Rey into the barricade.Rollins tossed Rey into the ring and he became once about to jam the kendo stick into the undercover agent nonetheless Rey fought support nonetheless then Rollins shoved Rey out of the ring and Rey slid onto a flat table on the bottom. Rey became once at closing ready to combat support by the exercise of a chair nonetheless it definitely became once a temporary comeback as Rollins obtained some tools to strive and bewitch Rey’s undercover agent out. Rey became once ready to purchase some time when he tripped up Rollins and Rollins face hit the nook of the announcer’s table. Over again, Rollins became once support on offense and he frail rope to strive and tie Mysterio to the underside rope nonetheless Rey fought support all all over again and Rey frail his legs to ram Rollins into the steel post. Reduction in the ring, Rey took kendo shots to the ribs and support. Seth tried to ram Rey’s undercover agent into a kendo stick wedged into the nook nonetheless Rey blocked it and then he hit a flurry of offense, including a frog splash off the tip. Rey regarded like he became once going for a Destroyer nonetheless Seth countered and Rey became once planted face-first on the mat. Rollins went for the stomp nonetheless Rey moved and countered into a tornado DDT. The movement spilled to ringside and Rey became once ready to flip Rollins into the barricade and one extra time nonetheless this time Rey dove thru the ropes sooner than he flipped Rollins with extra force into the barricade. Rey then broke apart the kendo stick with ranking it fascinating so he may perchance well maybe jab it into Seth’s undercover agent. Rey then hit a 619 as Seth lined up his factual undercover agent. At ringside, Mysterio hit Rollins with a stomp. Rey shoved Seth’s undercover agent into the point of the steel steps nonetheless Seth his Rey with a low blow and then a superkick to the face. Seth then hit Rey with a stomp and then he shoved Rey’s undercover agent into the steps. The match ended and Seth may perchance well maybe very successfully be viewed throwing up at ringside because, it sounds as if, he seen Rey lose his undercover agent. The trainers walked out and helped Rey to the support.Click here for total outcomes from The Scare Point out at WWE Vulgar Guidelines.Guess you’re going to need by no manner viewed anyone extra alarmed to rep a match…#EyeForAnEye mission completed by @WWERollins. #ExtremeRules pic.twitter.com/eNVxDv0gLv— WWE (@WWE) July 20, 2020

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