The Strolling Dead’s Negan Is Now A Magic The Gathering Card

Wizards of the Hover is participating with AMC’s The Strolling Dead for a Magic The Gathering Secret Lair drop. Earlier this 365 days, MTG gamers bought to seem their first beget a look on the Zombie token card, and now Wizards is revealing that Negan is coming to play for the upcoming restricted time spot.The Strolling Dead Secret Lair drop will feature tag-new cards for MTG, and can beget to still be on hand for pre-expose in the course of a restricted window between October 4 and 12–starting at 11: 30 PM ET on October 4. One of many brand new cards is none aside from Negan, the spoiled villain from the series who has no project bashing in heads with a baseball bat, tat’s played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the narrate. Take a look at out the card under.Negan is a 4/3 Legendary Creature with a surely becoming skill. When the card is set onto the battlefield, you and a target participant each and every decide a creature that participant controls, and then that creature–or creatures–is sacrificed, and you get a Cherish token. That Cherish Token offers you one colorless mana whereas you faucet then sacrifice it.”The game make group surely nailed expressing these rich characters with accurate just a few numbers and a couple lines of guidelines text,” Wizards product architect Mark Heggen instructed GameSpot. “Negan is one of my favorite examples; when he hits the battlefield he has a particular rule that forces one of your opponents to play this in unhappy health ideas game the place they’ve to favor and sacrifice one of their very have creatures, however you would possibly well be in a spot to also get into their head and trick them into sacrificing extra than they had to! It’s a stress-free 2d in the game, and it feels exactly like one thing the valid Negan would terminate.”Hanging The Strolling Dead characters into MTG makes sense, as zombies had been a fragment of the card game for decades. “After we at Wizards first started hooked in to teaming up with an delivery air partner, we made a mountainous listing of worlds and characters that we notion would be pure and exciting matches,” stated Heggen. “The Strolling Dead is a power of nature via contemporary terror storytelling, so that instantly jumped out to us as a indispensable opportunity. I knew the group over at AMC would be tall partners, so we gave them a call and everything accurate clicked into place.”In case you want to get a withhold of those cards your self, you’d beget to expose it from the Secret Lair spot between October 4 and 12, and whereas you leave out out, you is never any longer going to be in a spot to get it from Wizards of the Hover in the longer term. It’s miles a one-time deal.

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