The riddle in The Batman trailer has already been solved

When Batman gets a card from the Riddler, chances are high the riddle will be in code.
Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET
Warning: Soft spoilers ahead. If the Riddler despatched you a coded riddle, would you be ready to unravel it? Within the brand new movie trailer that debuted this week for The Batman, the Caped Crusader (played by Robert Pattinson) gets an owl greeting card with a in actual fact distinctive message from Edward Nigma, aka the Riddler.

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The Riddler, played by Paul Dano, is no longer always a mosey-of-the-mill more or less DC Comics villain. He’s a sizable-prison with a genius-level IQ and a esteem for puzzles. Useless to direct, when the Riddler’s cryptic message to Batman is revealed in the trailer, it didn’t preserve too lengthy earlier than neat fans deciphered it. The Riddler has appropriate taste in unfamiliar greeting cards.
Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET
The handwritten riddle text says, “What does a liar attain when he’s dreary?” Nonetheless then there are abnormal symbols on the opposite aspect of the advise. On this cryptogram, every image corresponds to a different letter of the English alphabet. Since the symbols will spell out the identical solution to the riddle, Batman now has a manual to utilize to damage future riddles.

It looks as if the Riddler is giving Batman two ways to resolve out his riddle — through deductive reasoning and through breaking the code of his cryptogram.Sport clothier and puzzle crafter Mike Selinker affords a walkthrough on his Twitter on how he used to be ready to resolve out the coded message.
Within the brand new #TheBatmanTrailer, the Riddler leaves a card with the demand “What does a liar attain when he’s dreary?” I may per chance well factual solve it cherish a riddle (and did), but it completely’s a appropriate different to repeat the becoming solution to unravel a puzzle by brute power, so you’re obvious of the solution. Here goes. (1/12)— Mike Selinker (@mikeselinker) August 23, 2020

So did you resolve out the solution to the riddle “What does a liar attain when he’s dreary?” He lies easy. (Web the pun?) Now that all of us like the code, we are able to all read additional messages from the Riddler, factual in case Batman wants some extra attend. 
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