‘The Dragon Prince’ Lands 4 Extra Seasons on Netflix

Comic-Con@House yielded a huge selection of necessary bulletins, and The Dragon Prince renewal was among them.

Fans of the engaging Netflix sequence will accumulate extra adventures in Xadia and the Elven realms as they practice Ezran, Callum, Rayla, Zym, and Bait on their crawl. After season 3’s success and cliffhanger, viewers wanted extra, and it’s going down with a beneficiant push from Netflix.

‘The Dragon Prince’ | Courtesy of Netflix‘The Dragon Prince’ renewed for season 4 and past

Talking to the digital viewers by ability of Zoom, co-creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond had been joined by The Dragon Prince solid members for the Comic-Con@House panel.

After doing a diminutive skits and answering fan questions, they saved the mighty inquire of about a renewal for closing. Ehasz confirmed that season 4 is going down but then added some bonus tidbits.

Ehasz talked about: “I feel it’s really most well-known to stress, um … Accelerate. We’ve been picked up for season 4. Netflix has picked up all of the saga of The Dragon Prince.”

The most realistic most likely part was that the solid realized the data the identical time as the fans, and they also had been celebrating too. While they had been busy freaking out in regards to the surprise, Ehasz thanked fans and the team within the aid of the indicate for his or her strengthen.

‘The Dragon Prince’ intended to be 7 seasons

Fortunately, The Dragon Prince’s creators will accumulate to pronounce the sage as they intended. While Ehasz joked they maintain replacement labor to realize for the relaxation of the sage, he and Richmond spoke about a seven-season notion within the past.

Within the course of their 2019 look at Comic-Con, the pair outlined the predominant three seasons are part of a continuous e-book, equivalent to Avatar: The Closing Airbender.

After Moon, Sky, and Solar, Earth is speculated to kick off a new part of the saga with seasons 4 and 5. Aspects 6 and 7 will stop the saga, and fans will inquire some storylines evolve, overlap, and incur time gaps.

Remember that Ehasz was a head writer for the aforementioned ATLA. Both co-creators will write the relaxation of The Dragon Prince but preserve some issues below wraps. No open date has been given for season 4.

Fans can creep into the sequence with books, video sport

To boot to finding out about extra seasons of The Dragon Prince, fans had been made aware of plans for an art e-book, graphic original, and role-taking part in video sport. In line with Richmond, the art e-book shall be released on Aug. 18 and can quilt the predominant three seasons of the indicate.

However, the graphic original picks up where season 3 left off. Fans can inquire forward to Through The Moon arriving on Oct. 6., that might perhaps well preserve all individuals over till the next installment of the indicate.

The team also shared a preview trailer for the role-taking part in sport, The Dragon Prince: Tales of Xadia, which is as a result of fall in 2021. Fans can register to receive email updates in regards to the game, but the books can also be pre-ordered.

Whether or no longer you’re a beginner or devoted fan, you might perhaps moreover circulation all three seasons of The Dragon Prince now, and then practice up with The Fable of Korra in August.

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