Texans’ JJ Watt calls booing at some level of 2nd of solidarity ‘heart-broken’

J.J. Watt acknowledged Thursday he heard fans booing when his Houston Texans teammates and the Kansas City Chiefs players took the field for a 2nd of solidarity earlier than the coin toss.The Texans had been no longer on the field at some level of the nationwide anthem or the rendition of “Make a choice Every Yelp and Inform.” Instead, the players selected to conclude within the locker room. They joined the Chiefs players at midfield earlier than the game. Players locked hands and unfolded all the procedure during the field.NFL FANS APPEAR TO BOO CHIEFS, TEXANS PLAYERS DURING MOMENT OF UNITY BEFORE COIN TOSSWatt acknowledged he heard some boos, which struck a nerve with NFL fans on social media as effectively.“The 2nd of solidarity I for my fragment thought used to be excellent,” the superstar defensive cessation told reporters after the game. “I imply the booing at some level of that 2nd used to be heart-broken. I don’t utterly needless to grunt. There used to be no flag concerned. There used to be nothing concerned diversified than two teams coming together to expose solidarity.”Texans coach Bill O’Brien acknowledged he didn’t think the booing used to be for the 2nd of solidarity.CHIEFS TAKE FIELD FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM, ‘LIFT EVERY VOICE AND SING’; TEXANS STAY IN LOCKER ROOM“I thought that that used to be a nice element to fabricate, so I’m no longer definite why they’d boo that,” O’Brien acknowledged. “Presumably they had been valid booing us as a result of we had valid reach on the field because the visiting team. Nonetheless yeah, I thought that that used to be a nice gesture.”Chiefs coach Andy Reid acknowledged he didn’t hear any boos.“I thought that used to be extra or less an even deal, both aspects coming together for a motive and the legend used to be told there,” he acknowledged.“We are able to all learn from this, and basically or no longer it is valid to fabricate us all better, even a stronger country than we already are. We like a gamble to valid be utterly unstoppable when all fingers join together and that is the reason a gorgeous element.”CLICK HERE FOR MORE NFL COVERAGE ON FOXNEWS.COMThe Chiefs won the game, 34-20.The Linked Press contributed to this story.

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