Solicitor who allowed deficit in client funds is struck off

A solicitor who admitted allegations of skilled misconduct, together with allowing a deficit of €213,309 in client funds, has been struck off the roll of solicitors.
The president of the High Courtroom, Ms Justice Mary Irvine, made the strike-off bid, on consent, in admire of Raphael M Gilmore, previously practising as Gilmore Solicitors, Bridge Motorway, Ringsend, Dublin.
Mr Gilmore previously current the society had no option but to see a strike-off bid in gentle of the findings against him.
In an affidavit to the court on Monday, Mary Fenelon, a solicitor with the society’s regulatory fair products and services half, acknowledged Mr Gilmore turned into as soon as admitted to the roll of solicitors in 1999, and his final practising certificates turned into as soon as for the 365 days ending December 31st, 2017.
She acknowledged the solicitors’ disciplinary tribunal heard a criticism against Mr Gilmore in January 2020, and made findings of misconduct.
She acknowledged Mr Gilmore had admitted the allegations of misconduct, and admitted those amounted to skilled misconduct.
Amongst varied findings, the tribunal came across Mr Gilmore failed to abet upright books of chronicle in breach of the solicitors accounts regulations, and had allowed a deficit of €213,309 in client funds as of November 11th, 2018.
It also came across he had failed to label and register 10 deeds despite being in funds to invent so, and had misled the society and its regulations of practice committee by producing a false closing accountant’s portray and by denying that portray turned into as soon as false.
Two accountsOther findings incorporated he had misled the committee by declaring deficits on two accounts had been cleared when that turned into as soon as no longer the case. His indication that one deficit turned into as soon as cleared had brought on a option that a loan of €295,000 got from a relative of his turned into as soon as to be repaid, the tribunal also came across.
Other findings incorporated he had allowed an undated letter to be submitted to the society and committee which turned into as soon as later shown to be falsified and had submitted a falsified field of enterprise checking chronicle dispute to his reporting accountant.

As a result of the findings, the tribunal suggested the topic be forwarded by the society to the president of the High Courtroom with a advice that he be struck off the roll.

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