Silicon Valley fights Trump’s US H-1B visa ban

The final observe nail within the coffin for ‘the land of opportunity’

The U.S. government is ramping up its war on immigrants and driving its high tech capacity in various locations. 
It’s estimated that there are at this time around 3 million H-1B workers within the U.S. However help in June, Trump declared he change into as soon as “inserting American workers first” by imposing restrictions on some foreign places workers that might per chance well final unless the tip of 2020. 
This involved suspension of the H-1B visa — a non-immigrant visa that enables US firms to use graduate degree workers in distinctiveness occupations — feeble by tech firms, and the L-1 visa, feeble to switch foreign places workers to the U.S. 
The law is designed to retain jobs for People for the length of the pandemic, nonetheless firms are arguing that the limitations will hurt American firms and lead employers to search out work outside the U.S. 
The day gone by, over 50 tech firms — including Twitter, HP, Intel, Dropbox, Netflix, GitHub, PayPal, Reddit, Uber, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft — signed an amicus transient that emphasizes the value of immigration. 

“In accordance to the Administration’s maintain estimates, the President’s actions will stay more than half of a million work-licensed participants from coming to the US by 365 days’s stay. And experts estimate the Proclamation will stay roughly 20,000 employers from filling positions for the length of that very same interval,” it states. 
“For loads of a few years, this nation has been a magnet to these proficient participants, who have—alongside with U.S.-born workers and innovators— made our financial system the most dynamic within the sector. The Proclamation prevents U.S. firms from attracting the sector’s handiest and brightest, and deprives these modern, highly-educated participants of alternatives to further The US’s transient restoration and lengthy-term financial growth.“

The U.S. is one among an rising resolution of Western countries the usage of immigrants as a scapegoat as a exchange of investing in education for the participants who dwell there. 
Turning H-1B immigrants — most of that are between 20 and 30 years of age — will drain the U.S. financial system of billions. The jobs will aloof be created — they’ll perfect be created in various locations.
If this goes by procedure of, it will seemingly be the final nail within the coffin for The US, the ‘land of opportunity’. 

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