Native Housing Allowance List of Rents: 2014-15

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) tell Native Housing Allowance (LHA) charges to calculate Housing Motivate for tenants renting from inner most landlords. LHA charges tell to an house whereby a claim is made – these areas are called Tall Condominium Market Areas (BRMA). A BRMA is the set a person might well well moderately be expected to live taking into tale procure admission to to sure services and products and services and products.

How Native Housing Allowance charges are calculated

The Valuation Attach aside of residing of business Company (VOA) Hire Officers fetch rental records from letting agents, landlords, tenants and various sources. LHA charges are in accordance to inner most market rents being paid in the BRMA that might well well moreover fluctuate from marketed rents.

These records create no longer embody all rents that might well well moreover exist in every BRMA. In step with DWP legislation, Hire Officers are tasked with collecting a ample pattern from the 12 month period ending 30 September sooner than DWP publishing LHA charges on 1 April. These printed records are the rents aloof and contains both new and renewal rents in price, as negotiated between landlord and tenant. These rents create no longer embody any cost attributed to services and products that are ineligible for housing relieve (successfully procure rents). Housing relieve supported rents are moreover removed the set that it’s possible you’ll well well possibly moreover judge of.

The LHA contains a collection of residing of charges for moderately a pair of categories – Categories A to E that are:

a) ‘Shared Lodging’:

Gripping tell of 1 bedroom and sharing the usage of 1 or more of a:

room merely for residing in
b) 1 bedroom dwellings: these with one bedroom and outlandish tell of a kitchen, a lavatory, a lavatory and a room merely for residing in

c) 2 bedroom dwellings

d) 3 bedroom dwellings

e) 4 bedroom dwellings

The Hire Officer maintains lists of rental records for every category of LHA charges. These are the checklist of rents, downloadable in the paperwork hyperlink above.

In step with DWP legislation, mathematical calculations are applied to the checklist of rents to hunt down out the
LHA payment which is the decrease of:

the 30th percentile on a checklist of rents in the Tall Condominium Market Attach aside of residing
the in the period in-between set of residing LHA
You might well well rep the LHA charges on LHA-Sigh by shopping by postcode or native authority house. BRMA maps and graphs are incorporated in the search outcomes.

The obtain hyperlink is for the total checklist of rents for England and is equipped for users to self-filter rents for outlined BRMAs and LHA categories as required.

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