Mayor: First U.S. baby to die of Coronavirus modified into denied treatment because he did not have effectively being insurance protection

Matt Novak reports that the first baby to die within the U.S. from Covid-19 coronavirus infection modified into uninsured and denied treatment on the urgent care sanatorium he tried to examine into. They told him to switch to yet another sanatorium; he went into cardiac arrest on the advance.

A 17-300 and sixty five days-feeble boy in Los Angeles County who grew to become the first teen believed to have died from considerations with covid-19 within the U.S. modified into denied treatment at an urgent care sanatorium because he didn’t have effectively being insurance protection. … “He didn’t have insurance protection, in utter that they did not treat him,” [R. Rex] Parris stated in a video posted to YouTube. The employees on the urgent care facility told the newborn to investigate cross-take a look at the emergency room at Antelope Valley (AV) Clinic, a public sanatorium within the blueprint, consistent with the mayor.

Parris is the mayor of Lancaster, California. From the transcript of his remarks:

“The Friday earlier than he died he modified into healthy. He modified into he modified into socializing along with his friends. By Wednesday he modified into ineffective. He had gone to an urgent admire an HMO he did not have insurance protection in utter that they did not treat him and sent him to AV (Antelope Valley) sanatorium. En route to sanatorium he went into cardiac arrest. When he obtained to AV sanatorium they had been in a field to revive him and support him alive for approximately six hours however by the time he obtained there it modified into too leisurely”

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