Local Housing Allowance Record of Rents: 2020-21

The Division for Work and Pensions (DWP) exercise Local Housing Allowance (LHA) charges to calculate Housing Profit for tenants renting from non-public landlords. LHA charges expose to an position wherein a instruct is made – these areas are called Colossal Condo Market Areas (BRMA). A BRMA is where a person might well per chance furthermore reasonably be expected to are living taking into chronicle entry to sure amenities and products and companies.

How Local Housing Allowance charges are calculated

The Valuation Save of enterprise Company (VOA) Rent Officers net rental recordsdata from letting brokers, landlords, tenants and varied sources. LHA charges are according to non-public market rents being paid in the BRMA which might fluctuate from advertised rents.

These recordsdata attain no longer consist of all rents that would furthermore exist in each BRMA. Per DWP regulations, Rent Officers are tasked with gathering a enough sample from the 12 month duration ending 30 September before DWP publishing LHA charges on 1 April. These printed recordsdata are the rents mild and contains each contemporary and renewal rents in price, as negotiated between landlord and tenant. These rents attain no longer consist of any set up attributed to products and companies which might well per chance well be ineligible for housing profit (successfully gain rents). Housing profit supported rents are furthermore removed where potential.

The LHA contains a quandary of charges for a series of categories – Categories A to E which might well per chance well be:

a) ‘Shared Lodging’:

Fresh exercise of 1 bedroom and sharing the usage of 1 or extra of a:

room neatly suited for living in
b) 1 bedroom dwellings: these with one bedroom and genuine exercise of a kitchen, a bathroom, a bathroom and a room neatly suited for living in

c) 2 bedroom dwellings

d) 3 bedroom dwellings

e) 4 bedroom dwellings

The Rent Officer maintains lists of rental recordsdata for each category of LHA charges. These are the list of rents, downloadable in the paperwork link above.

Per DWP regulations, mathematical calculations are applied to the list of rents to resolve the
LHA payment which is the decrease of:

the 30th percentile on a listing of rents in the Colossal Condo Market Save
the presently quandary LHA
You might well per chance furthermore to find the LHA charges on LHA-Train by browsing by postcode or local authority position. BRMA maps and graphs are incorporated in the hunt outcomes.

The download link is for your whole list of rents for England and is provided for customers to self-filter rents for outlined BRMAs and LHA categories as required.

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