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Within the center of a highlight panel for Comic-Con@Home, filmmaker Kevin Smith shared a predominant explore at his upcoming dread comedy anthology movie Kilroy Used to be Here.

Fan-current filmmaker Kevin Smith has been busy despite the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic’s impact on the leisure enterprise this year. Besides to showrunning and producing Netflix’s gripping revival sequence for Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Smith is helming an upcoming dread comedy anthology movie Kilroy Used to be Here, serving as cowriter and director whereas reuniting with a whole lot of of his frequent ingenious collaborators.

As phase of his mature highlight panel — albeit, digital this year attributable to the realm effectively being crisis — as phase of this weekend’s Comic-Con@Home, Smith unveiled a predominant explore at Kilroy Used to be Here, that features a series of rapid dread tales impressed by the enduring, eponymous graffiti introduced right thru World Battle II. The teaser trailer begins at the 48: 23 sign of Smith’s “An Night with Kevin Smith” online panel.

The trailer aspects professional wrestler Chris Jericho as an alligator wrestler who finds himself on the scandalous aspect of a hunt, Smith’s podcasting accomplice Ralph Garman as a priest with just a few dirty secrets of his hang and Jason Mewes as a janitor who stumbles right thru one thing horrific. While Smith’s signature comedy is recount, the filmmaker doesn’t pull his punches with graphic violence seen in the teaser.

Predominant photography reportedly wrapped in October 2018, with Smith looking at after the teaser’s debut that he hopes the movie will likely be released by early 2021, with a gamble for it to seem in leisurely 2020. It’s currently unclear if the movie is supposed for a extensive theatrical release or will premiere thru VOD products and services.

Directed by Kevin Smith from a script he cowrote with Andrew McElfresh, Kilroy Used to be Here stars Azita Ghanizada, Ryan O’Nan, Harley Quinn Smith, Chris Jericho, Jason Mewes, Ralph Garman and Justin Kucsulain. The movie doesn’t currently delight in an official release date.


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