‘Gilmore Girls’: 3 Reasons the Wookie Is Positively No longer the Father of Rory’s Toddler

Girls: A Year within the Lifestyles would possibly presumably have aired on Netflix in 2016, but followers
are still discussing the revival’s closing four phrases. Rory Gilmore finds herself
pregnant and tells her mother, Lorelai Gilmore, within the closing scene. Followers have
spent the final four years debating who the daddy of that child would be. While
most agree that Logan
Huntzberger is the daddy, there are a pair of alternative longshot alternatives. Paul,
Rory’s ever-forgettable boyfriend, is an option, as is a particular person dressed as a Wookie
that Rory randomly zigzag up with. There are just a few info. On the opposite hand, that exquisite
noteworthy pushes the Wookie out of the operating.

The timing isn’t factual

The timing of Rory’s hookup with the Wookie makes it as regards to
very no longer likely that he’s the daddy of Rory’s child. Rory and the Wookie catch
collectively within the Spring episode of the sequence. Vulture
notes that the hook up came in direction of the quit of the Spring episode, so as that
firmly areas the one-night stand round Would perhaps presumably perchance simply. Rory informs Lorelai that she is
pregnant on the very quit of the Drop episode, which arrangement it would possibly perchance had been
November in Stars Hollow.

Which arrangement Rory
would had been between 5 and six months pregnant at that point. Lots of
followers point to that Rory, who is rather thin, would had been exhibiting, at least
to a level, that a long way alongside within the pregnancy. For the length of the closing phrases, she
looks as slim as ever, indicating that she grow to be once still exquisite early into the

Rory is considered ingesting after she zigzag up with the Wookie

Rory would possibly presumably had been scattered and careless one day of Gilmore
Girls: A Year within the Lifestyles, but she grow to be once still Rory. She likely would have never
been careless enough to drink while pregnant. If the nameless Wookie is the
father of Rory’s child, then she would had been at least two months alongside when Summer season
rolled round, and 5 months alongside when she lastly steered Lorelai she grow to be once pregnant.

Rory grow to be once considered ingesting one day of the Summer season episode, and she
grow to be once furthermore spied ingesting one day of the Drop episode when she meets up with Logan
and the
Lifestyles and Death Brigade. It looks no longer likely that Rory, who, while scattered
as an grownup, would be unaware of her pregnancy for several months. The ingesting
one day of the two seasons indicates that she grow to be once no longer, after all, pregnant at that

It wouldn’t elevate the story beefy-circle

Sherman-Palladino has made it determined that the blueprint of the closing four phrases
grow to be once to raise the story of the Gilmore girls beefy-circle. Leaving Rory pregnant
and in doubt of her future mimics Lorelai’s early existence. Having Rory pregnant by a
random, nameless particular person would be a deviation from Lorelai’s existence story, and
that correct doesn’t appear to ascertain Sherman-Palladino’s motivation.

Followers have prolonged argued that Logan is Rory’s Christopher. It
has furthermore been urged that Logan
and Rory’s adore story carefully suits Richard and Emily’s romance. If that
is the case, followers can retract that Logan would have fathered Rory’s child. Giving
Rory’s child a completely unknown father who can’t be tracked down would buy
Rory’s existence in an fully diversified direction than her mother’s, and that
doesn’t appear likely.

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